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Filtros Unicel C-9699

Filtro C-9699

Filtro Unicel C-9699

UNICEL P/N: C-9699

  • 9-15/16″ diameter
  • 19-7/8″ long
  • Top: open 5-13/16″ id
  • Bottom: open 6-1/16″ id
  • Replacement for: click here
  • Pleat Count: 194
  • Media Weight (oz.): 4

Description: 100 sq. ft. Jacuzzi CFR-100

Para los Spas:

Oem Name Oem Part Number Notes


Jacuzzi Brothers 42-2941-08-R Note: OEM 4 oz. product has black end caps and 3 oz. product has slate blue end caps. Jacuzzi part number for this product formerly 42-2370-08, 42-2888-03-R, and 42-3536-07-R.Note: This product has no center core.